Dunsborough, Western Australia

Dunsborough is a famous family holiday destination in the South West of Western Australia. This coastal town is surrounded by secluded bays and amazing coastal trails. You can find local award-winning wineries and breweries to make your lunch and dinner outings perfect.

This fantastic coastal town is only 3 hours drive south of Perth. This place has the world’s best swimming beaches with the splendid beauty of beaches and bays such as Eagle Bay, Bunker Bay and Meelup Beach. If you are fond of marine life, scuba diving, boating, and fishing, this is the right place for you.

Dunsborough is also a famous spot for watching whales with a number of charters operating out of Dunsborough and close by marinas such as Port Geographe. For most tourists, watching the whales is an experience of life, which they can never forget.

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This amazing coastal town of Dunsborough is located in the South West of Western Australia. It is 254 km south of Perth (approximately a 3hr drive).


Diving in Dunsborough is friendly and safe for everybody. You can enjoy the adventure of your life here with the extraordinary beauty of underwater dives on offer. From beautiful reefs to different species of fishes, you can enjoy all there is to watch underwater.

You can scuba dive or go snorkelling to explore the ocean floor and looking at marine wildlife. Crystal blue waters of Dunsborough are perfect for amateur divers. There are also some shipwrecks in this area that you can explore such as the HMAS Perth Wreck. While the wreck is home to almost 100 species of fishes, you can also find soft reefs, which are beautiful and mesmerizing for divers.


If you are a lover of boating, then Dunsborough is the place you need to visit. Due to the positioning of Dunsborough there are some waters to explore from along the east side of the cape out into the Geographe bay.

If you don’t have a boat there are many qualified, and experienced companies who can take you out for a charter. Whether you’re on a charter, or are fortunate to have your own boat the conditions of the bay are perfect for a smooth sail and comfortable cruising.

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for more info your can also check out the Dunsborough Visitor Centre.

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