Dirk Hartog Island, Western Australia

Dirk Hartog Island is a spectacular Island located within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Stretching over 80kms long and up to 15kms wide this is one of the biggest Islands in Western Australia. In addition, Dirk Hartog is also the most western island in WA.

Sunset reflecting off the sea cliffs at Dirk Hartog Island
Dirk Hartog Island Cliffs

Where can you stay on Dirk Hartog Island?

There are a number of different accommodation options at Dirk Hartog Island. These include a lodge, some villas and a number of different camping options. For more info check out the links below:

Things to do on Dirk hartog Island

  • View the Dirk Hartog Island Blowholes
  • Check out the turtles at Turtle Bay
  • View amazing sunsets at Herald Heights
  • Visit and explore Mystery Beach
  • Check out the pink lake of Dirk hartog called Rose Lake
  • Visit Cape Inscription – the location where Captain Dirk Hatog landed in 1616
  • Check out the amazing views of Shark Bay from Quoin Bluff

How to get to Dirk Hartog Island?

Dirk Hartog Island can be accessed be boat, barge or via light aircraft.

1. By Boat

The best way to get to Dirk Hartog Island by boat is to launch at Denham boat ramp and head west until you reach the Island. Alternatively there is also the option to use a charter boat service.

Check out the Dirk Hartog Island website for more information on how to get there.

2. By 4wd Barge

For those that have a 4WD there is a barge that can transfer you and your trailer over to the island. For costs and more info on this service check out the barge transfer page of the Dirk Hartog Island website.

3. By Aircraft

As there is a small air strip on the island, there is also the option to fly to the island. You can do so by organising a flight from the Monkey Mia Airport which takes approx. 15 minutes.

Location Map

There is also another great map of Dirk Hartog Island on their website – check it out using the link below;

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