Ultimate Guide to fishing in Denmark, WA: Spots, What You Can Catch, Photos & More

Denmark on the south coast of Western Australia is not only a fantastic southwest getaway, but it’s also home to some great fishing.  Whether you are keen to get into some decent south coast ocean species o work the banks of the rivers and inlets for some fun on light gear, then Denmark is the place for you.

Wilson inlet in Denmark Western Australia
Photo of Wilson Inlet in Denmark, Western Australia

What fish can you catch in Denmark?

Depending on where you’re fishing in Denmark will impact the type of species you can catch.  Below is a list of the common land-based and offshore species being caught in and around Denmark, both in the rivers and along the coast.

Landbased species

  • Whiting (including king george whiting)
  • Bream
  • Herring
  • Flathead
  • Tailor
  • Cobbler
  • Trevally 
  • Salmon
  • Snapper
  • Spangled emperor
  • Cobia
  • Samson fish
  • Squid
  • Kingfish

Offshore fishing species

  • Kingfish
  • Pink snapper
  • Samson fish
  • Queen grouper
  • Shark
  • Dhufish
  • Swallowtail
  • Nannygai
  • Bonito

Denmark Land-based Fishing Spots

The landscape and layout of Denmark is quite opportunistic when it comes to fishing.  The reason I say this is that depending on the weather, you can either fish the inland inlets and rivers, or if the conditions are right you can cast a line along the coast.

  • Wilson Inlet
  • Denmark River
  • Hay River
  • Ocean Beach
  • McGeary’s Rock
  • Flat Rock
  • Light Beach
  • William Bay
  • Waterfall Beach
  • Parry Beach
  • Boat Harbour
  • Conspicuous Beach

Wilson Inlet

Fed by the Denmark River and Hay River, Wilson Inlet is a massive body of water that is considered the focal point of Denmark.  When it comes to fishing in the inlet you have many different areas to try.

Although the inlet is somewhat isolated from the ocean, every so often (usually once or two a year) the inlet will connect to the ocean, allowing the inlet to flow and flush out.

This is quite an event to witness and when it occurs you’ll find that numerous predatory fish (in particular pink snapper) will gather at the mouth of the inlet (near the sandbar) awaiting their opportunity to strike on prey and small fish being washed out toward the ocean.

When it comes to fishing within the inlet you’ll find a number of different species, including but not limited to flathead, whiting, bream and whiting.  Personally, I really enjoy targeting flathead along the sandbars so if you head down there be sure to pack some soft plastics for casting along the edges of the inlet.

In addition to the fishing available within the inlet, you’ll be pleased to know that you can catch a decent feed of blue manna crabs within the inlet so be sure to pack your nets!

Denmark River

Flowing into the northwest corner of the inlet is the Denmark River.  The river itself holds some decent size black bream.  There are a few different spots to fish, including the mouth of the river (near the boat ramp).

Hay River

Hay River is another river that enters Wilson Inlet on the northeast side of the inlet.  Similar to Denmark River, Hay holds some great black bream so be sure to take some hard body lures and soft plastics for flicking along the river bank and around the snags.

Ocean Beach

Ocean Beach is the main stretch of beach located down in front of Wilson Inlet.  Accessible via 4WD, fishing along Ocean Beach can provide some nice saltwater species including trevally, whiting, herring, bream, flathead, and garfish.  If you’re keen to put in the hours there have also been some nice mulloway caught off the beach.

McGeary’s Rock

To the right of where Wilson Inlet joins Ocean Beach is McGeary’s Rock.  When the onshore winds are blowing, this is a nice and protected fishing spot for targeting the likes of herring, whiting, skippy, and flathead.  

If you’re keen on the bigger species you may also have the chance of picking up mulloway, samson fish, or during the season, salmon.

Flat Rock

Located to the left of Ocean Beach is flat rock.  When the conditions are right, this is an ideal rock to fish from with species such as herring, whiting, skippy, and salmon caught from here.

Light Beach

Located just over 20kms from the town centre is Light Beach.  With the option to fish either from the beach or from the rocks, Light Beach is a great spot for catching the likes of herring, flathead, skippy, whiting, and during the season, salmon.

Waterfall Beach

Just up past Light Beach is Waterfall Beach.  Accessible via car and somewhat protected from the elements, this is a great beach for fishing with the family with most bread-and-butter ocean-going species caught here.

Parry Beach

Close to 30kms west of the Denmark town centre is Parry Beach.  Protected from the westerly winds, Parry Beach is another fantastic spot for your bread and butter species.  In addition to this, it’s also a well-known spot for catching salmon during the season.

For those that have a 4WD, you can also cruise up the beach to explore the surrounding areas.

Boat Harbour

Even further to the west heading toward Peaceful Bay is a well-known spot caught at Boat Harbour.  Unfortunately, this is only accessible by 4WD, though as the name suggests this is a well-protected sandy bay that is perfect for casting a line.  Species caught at Boat Harbour include salmon, whiting, flathead, skippy, and herring.

Where can you catch salmon in Denmark?

If you’re keen to catch a feed of salmon it will be worth trying spots such as:

  • Ocean Beach
  • McGeary’s Rock
  • Flat Rock
  • Lights Beach
  • Waterfall Beach
  • Madfish Bay

Where can I launch my boat in Denmark?

If you’re looking for a spot to launch your boat or kayak then check out the below boating guide for Denmark which has a bunch of useful information, including locations to launch your boat.

Where can I get fuel for my boat?

If you need fuel for your boat there is a petrol station within the main town area.

Kayak fishing in Denmark

If you own a yak then I’d definitely recommend bringing it with you.  With the massive inlet and the adjoining rivers, you have a number of different areas to launch and explore.

Exploring Wilson inlet via a kayak

Bait and Tackle Supplies in Denmark

If you need to stock up on tackle or need some bait, there is Ricketts Jack F & Co located in the town, along with a few Co-ops that stock the essentials.

Denmark Fishing Charters

When it comes to fishing charters in Denmark, your pickings are pretty slim, however, there is a fishing charter that fishes in and around the Wilson Inlet called Madfish Charters.  Click the link below for more info:

Fishing destinations nearby

If you’re looking for information on other fishing destinations nearby, then check out the below:

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