Videos of Coral Bay, Western Australia

Heading to Coral Bay? Check out some awesome videos of Coral Bay below before heading off.

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Other Videos

  • Coral bay in 2015 – A trip to coral bay by Marcrusso Photography. A great video showing what Coral bay has to offer. Some awesome sunsets, beach fishing, underwater snorkelling footage and much more.
  • Seek Adventure – A great video for those thinking of exploring Coral Bay by 4WD. Some awesome drone footage along the coast too. Additional to this some footage of launching at the boat ramp and some snorkelling around the reefs.
  • Catching squid at Coral Bay – Check out this footage from the guys at Salty Sessions who head south from Broome to go do some fishing at Coral Bay. In particular they’re on the hunt for some squid… and the definitely produce the goods!
  • Venturing through the South Passage – This video is a little different, though shows how hairy the south passage can get and to be honest dangerous to those boaties who aren’t experienced. The guys at Sea force charters definitely have the experience!
  • Kayaking and snorkelling – An awesome video of a couple venturing out to snorkel in the bay via a couple of kayaks. Was definitely windy on the day though the outer reefs provide shelter from the swells ensuring nice clear water.

Do you have some vids of Coral Bay?

If you’ve been to Broome recently and have some videos of Coral Bay please contact us with the details and we’ll ensure it gets shared on our site:)

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