Fishing Coral Bay WA: Spots, Info, Photos & More

Coral Bay is an amazing part of Western Australia where you can enjoy fishing at its peak.  With the town in the middle of a sanctuary zone, land based fishing in the bay is a little limited, however if you are able to venture out in a boat or take a 4WD north or south past the sanctuary zones you will do well.

Spanish Mackeral caught in Coral Bay
14kg Spanish Mackeral caught fishing off Coral Bay, WA

Fishing is going to be an amazing experience for any one visting the area as the structure of the ningaloo reef is a massive fish attractor making it a delightful area to fish. There are also a number of calmer areas because of inshore lagoons which protect the areas from larger swells.

What fish can you catch at Coral Bay?

Coral Bay is known as one of the fishing meccas of Western Australia, hence depending on where you’re fishing and the type of fishing method there are a vast amount of different species you can catch.

If you’re targeting reef dwelling species then you’re likely to catch the likes of Coral Trout, Trevally, Red Emperor, Bluebone and Spangled Emperor here.

Or if you’re going for pelagics then you can catch the likes of Spanish Mackerel, Queenfish, Tuna, Wahoo and even Sailfish!

Where can I catch Squid in Coral Bay?

If you’re fishing for squid from the shore, I’d recommend fishing from the Coral Bay boat ramp at night.  When it gets dark there are a few lights that come on which attract the squid.  When they’re around you can either work a squid jig or try a baited jig under a float.

If you’re fortunate to have access to a boat then you’ll find Squid amongst the weed beds and rocks on the inside of the reef.  Try drifting over the different areas working a jig or towing baited jigs.

Catching huge squid in Coral Bay WA

Check out our Squid fishing guide for more useful tips and tricks on catching squid.

Fishing Spots in Coral Bay

With the Coral Bay town being located right within a marine sanctuary zone you’re unable to fish off the foreshore within the town area, however if you’re willing to venture north or south there are some great land based fishing spots to choose from.

Coral bay fishing spots include:

The Sand Bar

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Mauds Landing

If you are looking for a great beach fishing spot in Coral Bay then you should definitely check out Mauds landing.  

This long stretch of beach north of Coral Bay town is perfect for those looking to pump out some baits, kick back and enjoy the view.  It’s also ideal for working surface lures including poppers, metal slices and stick baits.

When I’m fishing there I often have one bait out on the bottom and will then work a lure in between casts to maximise my chance of catching.

Ideally you want to fish here either at sunrise or sunset.  Fish species you’re likely to catch include Dart, Queenfish, Spangled Emperor, Trevally, Tailor, Whiting, Flathead and Bream.

Footage of Mauds Landing, Coral Bay WA

You can get to Maud’s Landing in a 2WD though only to the car park.  Those that have a 4WD can drive onto the beach and drive along to find an ideal location.

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Coral Bay Boat Ramp area

Accessible via 2WD the Coral Bay boat ramp is worth checking out.  As this is primarily a boating facility you’re unable to fish off the jetties, however you can fish off the surrounding rock walls and beaches.

There are a number of different species you can catch, including different species of Trevally, Spangled Emperor, Whiting, Bream, Flathead, Queenfish and Squid.  If there are bait fish around these make great live bait so if you can catch a few of these then cast them unweighted;)

Keep in mind that the surrounding ground is made up of limestone and broken reef patches hence if you’re fishing this area, to minimse loss of tackle, I’d recommend using either a floating rig to keep your bait up off the bottom or trying lures and soft plastics.

Check out our Coral Bay boat ramp page for more info >

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Five Fingers Reef

Five Fingers Reef is another nice Coral Bay beach fishing spot that’s worth trying. There are five sections of reef that jut out of the shore line which hold a number of reef dwelling species.  If you’re fishing from here it’s worth noting that this is also a popular snorkelling and spearfishing spot hence always be aware of other activities happening around you.

A video showing the track into Five Fingers Reef

For those that have access to a kayak then I would recommend bringing it along to Fiver Fingers Reef.  With the kayak you’ll have the advantage of being able to paddle out and around the reef  looking for bombies to fish.

Note, Five Fingers Reef can’t be accessed via 2WD hence you’ll need a 4WD to get there.

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Best time to go fishing in Coral Bay?

If you are looking to go on the best time to go fishing, then you need to plan your visit around May to August. During these months the weather conditions are better with both the winds and temperate dropping providing a more pleasant fishing experience.

Boat Fishing in Coral Bay

If you’re heading out in a boat to do some fishing there is the option is fish the protected waters inside the reef or for those with the bigger well equipped boats you can venture out through the different passages to target the bigger species.

Inner reef boat fishing

The inner reefs both south and north offer some great fishing. These calmer waters are protected from the large swells. Whether you’re targeting trevally, coral trout, queen fish or even rankin cod you’re sure to do well. For those that are into squid fishing, there are some decent squid to be caught in the inner reefs too.

You can try a number of fishing techniques, though with the amout of reef around, surface fishing techniques are best to minimise the loss of tackle. If the conditions allow for it, drifting an unweighted mullie or a whole squid on a snell hook often produces some decent fish.

Outer reef boat fishing

This tuna was caught on the way out through the north passage

If you want to head out to do some deeper fishing there are two main passages, these being the north and south passage. The south passage is considered quite dangerous so always be careful if you decide to use to channel as a way to the outer reef.

Fishing Charters in Coral Bay

Fishing for Sailfish with Seaforce Charters
Seaforce fishing charters in Coral Bay, Western Australia

If you’re keen to head out on a fishing charter then I’d recommend checking out Seaforce Charters. The skipper, Adam, has over 20 years of experience fishing in the area and has a great reputation when it comes to providing a top-quality fishing charter service.

Where can I launch my boat?

The Coral Bay boat ramp is the best place to launch your boat at Coral Bay.

Coral Bay Fishing Videos

Before heading up to Coral Bay, check out some of fishing videos to see some of the awesome fishing that Coral Bay has to offer!

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