Boating in Coral Bay, Western Australia

Another fascinating factor of Coral Bay is the boating. You can go on glass-bottom boating as well which will offer you a different view of coral and marine life below.

If you are on a larger boat you can go outside the reef where you can find a wide range of options for fishing. One thing to take care of is safety. You would need a working and reliable radio.

Boating is the best way to access the best fishing spots in the area. The boat ramp for Coral Bay is almost 2.5 km away south of Coral Bay. Here you will find a well-established boat ramp for launching and retrieving boats into the Ningaloo Marine Park. 

Coral Bay is the perfect spot if you want to enjoy coral gardens and fishing at the same time while enjoying the weather. 

Coral Bay Boat Ramp

Coral Bay Boat Ramp in Western Australia

The Coral Bay Boat Ramp is located south of the town which has two concrete ramps for two trailer boats. There is also a large area for parking with boat trailers.

To get the boat ramp you head down Banksia drive. Turn east of the Ningaloo Club (Backpackers) on the way into the town and keep going along the bitumen road.

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