Fishing in Busselton, Western Australia

Keen to go fishing in Busselton? Busselton is a great place that has many options for fishing enthusiasts. Whether you just want to take the family out for some fun or you’re out to beat your PB on a specific fish species then Busselton has many fishing options to consider.

Squid caught while fishing in Busselton
Squid caught fishing off a boat in Busselton, WA

One of the most popular fishing locations is the Busselton Jetty. This jetty stretches for kilometers out into Geographe Bay allowing fisherman to target the shallower species such as whiting, herring and garfish in close or if you’re after something bigger you can head out to the end of the jetty and try your luck for Snapper, Sambos, Mulloway of even Tuna.

What fish can you catch in Busselton?

Due to the size of the bay and the number of locations on offer there are a wide range of species that can be caught.

Bread and butterfish

If you’re fishing off the beaches or along the shallow areas of Busselton jetty you’ll find plenty of bread and butter species like herring, garfish, whiting, king george whiting, small tailor and skippy.

Large Demersals and Pelagics

If you’re keen to put in the hours and have some heavier gear then if you fish the deeper waters of the jetty you may be able to catch some larger species of fish too.  It’s not uncommon for anglers to catch Pink Snapper, Mulloway, Samson Fish, Salmon and Tuna off the jetty.


Apart from fish, Busselton is well known for squid. Whether you’re fishing off the jetty or lucky enough to be out in a boat squid are a common catch within the bay.

Large squid caught in geographe bay
My son with a nice squid caught off the boat

Where can I catch Squid in Busselton?

If you’re keen to catch some squid in Busselton try targeting the weed beds within the bay or around the jetty as the squid love to hide amongst the weeds not only to camouflage though this is also where they lay their eggs during the breeding months.

If you’re fishing off the Jetty then another area to try is in and around the old pylons though be careful not to loose your jigs!

The jetty is also great for targeting squid at night too as the lights along the jetty are known to attract smaller fish which in turn also attract the squid who like to hunt in the dark.

If you need more info on how to catch squid check out squid fishing techniques.

Blue Swimmer Crabs (Aka Blue Manna)

Another popular catch within Busselton is the blue swimmer crab, aka the blue manna. Due to the shallow depths of the bay blue swimmer crabs are found all the way along the beaches and further out around the jetty too.

Blue Manna crab caught while fishing in Busselton
Male Blue Manna Crab caught in Georgraphe Bay, Busselton

If you want to catch them, the best bet is to put out a crab net either off the jetty or via a boat or kayak from the shore. Alternatively, if you’re feeling a little adventurous you can also free dive for them with a snorkel and mask.

Check out our Blue Swimmer Crabs page for more info and how to catch them including what baits to use and different fishing methods.

Busselton Fishing spots

There are a number of great fishing spots in and around Busselton. Check out the list below showing both land-based fishing spots and off shore spots for this fortunate enough to have a boat.

Land Based Fishing Spots

There are a number of great land-based fishing spots along the Busselton coast. Here are a few that are worth checking out.

1. Busselton Jetty

Check out the above video of the guys from iFish fishing off the jetty.

Due to it’s size and length the Busselton Jetty is a popular choice for many anglers. Stretching over 1.8kms it provides many options to cast a line. If you’re fishing with kids you can fish off the smaller platforms at the start of the jetty. Alternatively, if you’re chasing some of the bigger species head out to the end of the jetty to fish the deeper waters.

Are you allowed to fish off the Jetty?

Yes, you are definitely allowed to fish off the Busselton jetty. As long as you have paid for your access to the jetty you’re able to fish day and night, however, there are some restrictions from fishing off the end of the jetty (see below).

Where can I fish on the Busselton Jetty?

There are numerous spots along the jetty where you can cast a line. You can either fish off the main jetty (to the left or right side) or if you prefer to be close to the water there are a number of lower-level platforms to fish from. These lower-level platforms are great for fishing with kids.

Fishing with kids off Busselton jetty
Can you fish from the end of the Jetty?

No, unfortunately fishing from the end of the jetty is prohibited. As you approach the end of the jetty you will see a big steel gate with a painted sign on the floor stating no fishing past this point.

No fishing sign at the end of Busselton Jetty

If you do want to fish right near the end of the jetty then there is a lower platform located to the left of the jetty as you approach the steel gates.

Can you fish on the Busselton Jetty at night?

Yes, nighttime fishing on the Busselton jetty is permitted. There are a number of lights along the jetty, however, it’s worth packing a torch or a headlight too. Some fishermen also add glow sticks to their lines or the end of their rods to help see where their lines are.

How deep is the water at the end of the jetty?

The water at the end of the Jetty is 9m deep! Being over 1.6 km out to sea you really are amongst some fantastic fishing waters. It’s crazy to know that whales have been sighted cruising past the end of the jetty during the whale migration season!

Tips for fishing off Busselton Jetty

If you’re heading out for a fish on the jetty have a read of the below fishing tips.

1. Carrying your fishing gear

It can be a far old trek to the end of the jetty so it’s worthwhile considering the best way to carry all your gear. Whether you use a wheelbarrow, a four-wheel gardening-type trolley, a golf buggy or a milk crate on a further trolley – these are all ways to help you transport your gear out there.

fishing trolley on busselton jetty
2. Wrap up nice and warm!

The temperature can vary massively out on the jetty compared to the temperature on land. The further you head out the winds can also get a lot cooler, especially if there is an onshore wind. Therefore, be sure to take an extra jumper, beanie or even some gloves to keep you nice and warm.

3. Look for fresh squid ink

If you’re after squid off the Busselton Jetty and you’re not too sure on where to flick a jig then keep an eye out for fresh squid ink on the deck of the jetty as this is a great indicator to where squid were last caught.

Fresh squid ink on busselton jetty
Fresh squid ink on the Busselton Jetty

2. Port Geographe Marina

The Port Geographe Marina is another location that offers a few nice spots to fish from. As there are two protected beaches in the marina you can either try your luck off the beach or find a spot further on along the marina rock walls.

3. Busselton town Beaches

As Busselton is located within the Geographe bay there are a number of nice beaches to fish from. If you head up further from Busselton towards Dunsborough you’ll come across a number of nice beaches – Abbey Beach is a great spot. If the visibility is right you can often see yellow tail whiting or king george whiting cruising along.

Crystal clear waters of Geographe Bay

4. Abbey and Quinalup Jetties

Further on to Dunsborough there are also two boat ramps with small jetties you can fish from. These are Abbey Boat Ramp and Quindalup Boat Ramp.

Abbey Jetty
Fishing off the Quindalup boat ramp
Fishing off Abbey Boat Ramp jetty

Note, just be mindful however as these are boat ramps you must always give way to boaties using the ramp as they have right away.

Quindalup Jetty

Below is a pic of Quindalup boat ramp jetty – with a light southly wind blowing this can make an ideal fishing spot in the evening.

Wooden jetty at Quindalup boat ramp

5. Wonnerup Beach and Wonnerup-Vasse Estuary

Wonnerup Beach and the Wonnerup-Vasse Estuary is a great spot for catching smaller species.

With the beach on one side and the estuary on the other you can pick a spot that best suit the weather conditions. For those chasing Mulloway, fishing the entrance to the estuary at night is worthwhile.

Check out the below video of the Wonnerup-Vass Estuary. As you can see there are a number of channels along the side of the estuary which is great for catching the likes of Whiting, Bream, Flounder and Flathead.

Wonnerup-Vass Estuary

6. Forrest Beach

Being just up from Wonnerup Beach, Forrest beach is also another nice spot to through a line. Again, you’ll find a number of beach fishing species to be caught at this spot.

7. Peppermint Grove Beach

Located further north of Busselton, Peppermint beach is also another nice fishing spot. Fisherman often catch whiting, flathead, tailor, skippy and herring. If you’re fortunate you maybe lucky enough to catch a mulloway or snapper.

Other Land Based Fishing Spots near by

If you’ve got some time up your sleeve and don’t mind going for a drive then there are some nice land based fishing spots in Dunsborough that are worth checking out. Check out of fishing in Dunsborough page for more info.

Off Shore Fishing Spots In Busselton

If you have a boat you can launch at Port Geographe Marina or the abbey beach boat ramp and head out to fishing the protected waters of Geographe Bay.

Heading out from Port Geographe Marina at sunset

Artificial Reefs Near Busselton

For those that want to venture out a little wider, the Dunsborough Artificial Reef is definitely worth checking out. Deployed purely as a fish attractor within the region, this reef comprises of 30+ hollow type structures that attract all king of fish.

Dunsborough Artificial Reef Coordinates

If you don’t have a boat though still want to head out for some off shore fishing, then check out some of the fishing charter companies further down the page.

Busselton Fishing videos

For some live action of fishing being caught in busso, check out some of the videos below:

Catching squid in busselton off a Polycraft 410 Challenger

Catching squid in busselton off a Polycraft 410 Challenger

Check out this latest video from the brothers at On Point Adventures who head down to Busselton to target some squid. After a quick beach launch south of Busselton Jetty ...
Three nice Pink snapper caught fishing off Busselton, Western Australia

Three nice Pink snapper caught fishing off Busselton, Western Australia

Check out this video from Serenity Hunter. After a recent storm down in south west him and a mate of his headed out into Geographe Bay from Port Georgraphe Marina ...

Busselton Fishing Charters

When it comes to fishing charters in Busselton you are somewhat limited to choices as there is only one fishing charter company that operates out of Busselton – this being Legend Charters. Click on there link below for more info:

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Fishing FAQs For Busselton

1. What are the best conditions for fishing in Busselton?

As the Busselton foreshore is facing north, a light southerly breeze (anything under 10 knots) is ideal. This will promote calm waters and allow you to drift baits out from the shore or off the jetty.

Here is a link to the latest Busselton Wind and Wave forecast for anyone that needs it.

2. Can you catch crays (Rock Lobster) in Busselton?

As Busselton is located within Geographe Bay, the big shallow bay area doesn’t have the best ground for bay as there is a little structure for the crayfish to habitat. However, if you want crays you best to head up around the point of Dunsborough to find more reef like structure. Alternatively you can head north and try areas out from Forrest beach and Peppermint Beach.

White crays caught scuba diving

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