Ultimate Guide to fishing in Broome, WA: Spots, What You Can Catch, Photos & More

Broome is the perfect destination for all types of fishing including big game fishing, reef fishing, and creek fishing. It’s also a popular destination for those who are into saltwater fly fishing.  

An awesome threadfin salmon caught on a local Broome fishing charter

Broome is an exciting place for fishing as it offers great chances of catching a range of different species including awesome pelagic sports fish such as tuna, sailfish, spanish mackerel, threadfin salmon, and giant herring. 

Sometimes the weather conditions and huge tides make it difficult for fishing, but this is part of the adventure. Overall, Broome offers a breathtaking view of coastal beauty with fantastic fishing experiences to be had.

What fish can you catch at Broome?

Depending on where you’re fishing in Broome will impact the type of species you can catch.  Below is a list of the common onshore and offshore species being caught in and around Broome.

Land-based species (Beaches, Creeks, Jetties and Rocks)

Queenfish caught near Cable Beach | Photo by Northern Addicts
  • Dart
  • Queenfish
  • Whiting
  • Trevally
  • Giant herring
  • Threadfin Salmon
  • Mangrove jacks
  • Barramundi
  • Bream
  • Flathead
  • Cod
  • Shark

Offshore fishing species (Open water & creeks)

  • Threadfin Salmon
  • Black jewfish
  • Tuskfish
  • Coral trout
  • Cobia
  • Pelagics
    • Spanish mackerel
    • Sailfish
    • Marlin
    • Tuna

Broome Fishing Spots

Broome has a number of land-based fishing spots on both the north, south, and west side of the town.

The Town beach Jetty

looking down at lower level of broome town beach jetty
View of the lower platform of the jetty at low tide

The town beach jetty is a great family-friendly fishing spot in Broome.  Located on the Roe Buck bay side of Broome the town jetty has two levels you can fish from, this being the main jetty or for when the tide is out you have the lower level platform.

fishing area from broome town beach jetty

The jetty has been set up with fishermen in mind.  On the main jetty, you’ll find two purpose-built shade areas and a number of rod holders and bait boards positioned along the edge of the jetty.

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Dampier Creek

More suited to those with boats, Dampier Creek is a worthwhile creek to fish.  There is the main creek with a number of smaller creeks running off into the mangroves.

The most targeted species in Dampier Creek are mangrove jack, barramundi, threadfin salmon, and trevally.

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Crab Creek Road

Further around from Dampier Creek is Crab Creek road.  This 4WD track provides access to a number of small rocky areas along the coast that are worth a fish.  As the tides move in you’ll find that the likes of barramundi, queenfish, and trevally occupy the area looking for a feed.

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Gantheaume Point

High tide at Gantheaume Point Broome
High tide at Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point is another fishing spot that is worth considering.  Although not fished by many, you still do get some decent fish cruising around the point in and around high tide.

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Cable Beach

cable beach broome tide out

Cable beach is another great location to cast a line. Check out the below video showing what fish can be caught off the beach including some nice Queenfish and sporty dart.

Surf fishing at Cable Beach, Broome

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Willie Creek

Located north of Cable Beach (around a 30 – 45mins drive) is Willie Creek.  Fished best at the turn of the low tide (when the current slows) you can catch some great fish with the likes of threadfin, barra, and mangrove jacks a good possibility.

Fishing out of the mouth of Wille Creek, Broome

Note, you’ll need a 4WD to get here though it’s definitely worth a visit.  Also, as always, due to the large tidal movements, always be aware of your surrounding environments and be careful not to get caught out by the tides.

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Where can you catch squid in Broome?

To be honest I haven’t done much squid fishing in Broome though if they were around, I would say your best bet would be the town beach jetty at night time where the lights on the jetty are likely to bring squid in.

Where can you catch mud crabs in Broome?

If you’re keen on catching a feed of muddies in Broome then your best bet would be fishing in and around the creeks.  Both Dampier Creek and Wille Creek are home to some decent crabs.  As both of these areas aren’t the easiest to get to I’d recommend considering jumping on a local mud crab fishing charter where they take you on a cruise up to the creeks and then jump onto small tenders to go catch that elusive muddy!

What is the best time to go fishing in Broome?

Due to the large tidal movements, from the times I’ve finished in Broome I’ve always done well on the switch of the tides.  That being from low to high or high to low.  

If you’re land-based fishing on the RoeBuck Bayside then I’d wait until the higher tides to go fishing as when it’s low tide, a lot of the areas such as the jetty are not fishable as the water is too far out.

broome tide times sign
Broome tide times at town beach

These days you can search for Broome tides on the web, though if you’re in town and you have no internet connection you can usually find a tide timetable at the town beach boat ramp.

Boat fishing in Broome

When it comes to boat fishing, Broome doesn’t disappoint!  Due to its remote location and warmer waters, Broome is home to a number of well-known pelagic species including sailfish, marlin, tuna, and mackerel.  If you can find the reef and rocky areas you’re also likely to pick up a number of decent bottom fishing species such as coral trout, spanish flags, and red emperor.

If you’re heading up there with a boat then the ideal months are between May up to September, with a number of offshore fishing comps run by the Broome Fishing Club in that time.

Where can I launch my boat in Broome?

If you’re keen to launch your boat in Broome then you have a couple of options.  These include:

  • Town Beach Boat Ramp
  • Entrance Point Boat Ramp (Two ramps on either side of the point)

Note, due to the large tidal swings the waterline is often a long distance out from the end of the ramp hence be sure you are aware of the tide times so you’re able to launch and retrieve your boat without getting stuck.

Bait and tackle supplies in Broome

Fishing tackle store in Broome
Tackle World in Broome’s town centre

If you’re looking for a fishing tackle store in Broome, then there are a few options in and around town.  When I was there last I dropped into Tackleworld and found the staff there very helpful so if you are looking for some good service from knowledgeable staff then be sure to pay Tackleworld in Broome a visit.

Broome Fishing Charters

If you’re keen on experiencing some of the best fishing you can in Broome then I’d recommend jumping on a Broome fishing charter.  There are a number of fishing charters operating in the area that can put you onto some awesome fishing, including fishing in the creek for barra or threadfin to chasing large pelagic species out in deep blue.

Phat Time Fishing Charters

A popular fishing charter for those visiting Broome is Phat Time Fishing Charters.  They offer a number of different fishing charters suitable for all ages and experience levels.  For more information check out the Phat Time Fishing Charters page.

Helifishing Charters at Broome

Ever heard of helifishing? For those who can afford it, Heli fishing is an awesome way to explore and fish the remote tidal creeks surrounding Broome. Check out the below video of the crew from Renegade Anglers who explore the creeks around Cape Leveque via helicopter.

Helifishing at Cape Leveque, Broome WA

Be safe!

Crocodiles and marine stingers present sign
Caution signs spotted at most beach areas within Broome, WA

Although not spotted often, there have been both saltwater and freshwater crocs spotted in and around areas of Broome.  In addition to crocs, Broome is also home to a number of different shark species along with some deadly species of jellyfish.

Therefore, I strongly recommended being mindful of this when fishing and following some simple rules, such as:

  • avoiding swimming, wading, or standing in water whilst fishing;
  • if fishing from a boat, avoid dangling your legs or arms over the side of the boat; and
  • when cleaning fish, clean them well away from the water’s edge;

Are there any fishing clubs in Broome?

There sure is! Overlooking Roebuck Bay, near Entrance Point boat ramp is the Broome Fishing Club.  This is a fantastic fishing club that hosts a number of well-known fishing competitions including the Broome Billfish Classic, Broome Marlin Cup, and the Thready Shootout.

In addition, the Broome fishing club also has the perfect spot to grab a feed whilst looking out over the bay so be sure to stop by and check it out.  Here’s a link for more info: https://www.broomefishingclub.com/

Broome Fishing Videos

For an insight into fishing at Broome, be sure to check out the below fishing videos.

Before heading up to Broome, check out some of the videos on YouTube to see some of the awesome fishing that Broome has to offer!

For more info on Broome check out the Broome visitor centre.

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