Boating in Broome, Western Australia

Broome offers an untouched paradise for boating enthusiasts. There are amazing coastal views and a kind of phenomenon you can discover here. Broome offers a relaxing and luxurious experience of sailing on the longest coastline of Western Australia. There are some great rivers on the coastline of this area, which means you can enjoy the true wilderness while enjoying your fishing and diving adventures.

Boating in Broome Western Australia
Boating in the awesome waters of Broome, Westing Australia

You can take your boat, or you can hire a boating company to arrange everything for you. In each case, you need to carry a proper emergency and medical kit. We also urge you to check your radio and make sure you have working equipment. Overall, Broome beaches are great for people who want to just go with the wind and sail where the wind takes them. This place offers the tranquillity and scenery you want in coastal heaven.

Entrance Point Boat Ramp

To launch your boat at Broome there are two boat ramps to choose from. For more information on these ramps check out our Broome Boat Ramp page.

Future Broome Boating Facility

With such large tides, launching and retrieving boats in Broome can be quite troublesome. Therefore, there is a proposal to develop a brand new boating facility in Broome.

The proposed boating facility is to be located at Entrance Point which will include four concrete ramps and two floating jetties. There will also be a detached offshore wall to act as a breakwater and to provide shelter from incoming waves.

Additionally, to this, it’s proposed there will be a dedicated parking bay to cater to 160 trailers which meets the standard for a regional launching facility. More information on this new boating facility can be found on the Broome boating facility website.

More information

For more information on boating in Broome, check out this guide published by the Department of Transport.

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