Broome, Western Australia

The coastline and beaches of Broome are amazing. This is the perfect location for a nice relaxing holiday, or if you into fishing then your holiday will be even better!

Aerial view of horizontal falls in broome
The view of the horizontal falls from above is spectacular

Broome is famous worldwide for its Cable beach sunsets, camel rides and the staircase to Moon. Additional to this Broome is the gateway to many close attractions such as Horizontals Falls.

Location map

Broome is a coastal town located in the Kimberley area of Western Australia. The town is 1681 KM north of Perth. It is just a two and half hour flight from Perth.

More information on Broome

Need more information? Check out the Broome Visitor Centre.

Frequently asked questions

Are there crocodiles and sharks at Broome?

Yes, both crocodiles and sharks have been sighted numerous times along the coast of Broome.

Does Broome have an airport?

Yes, Broome has an international airport. The code for this airport is BME. The best time to fly/travel to Broome is from July to October (The dry season).

When is the best time to visit Broome?

The best time to visit Broome is in the dry season which is from April to October.

What things is Broome best known for?

Broome is known as the perfect winter getaway for west aussies. If not just relaxing by the pool there are numerous things to do at Broome including the famous sunset camel rides, walking along dinosaur tracks, witnessing the staircase to the moon, horizontal falls and much more.

What beaches are best for seeing the staircase to the moon?

There are a number of places along the shores including Roebuck Bay, Town Beach and the Mangrove hotel.

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