Fishing in Augusta, Western Australia

Augusta is another great fishing destination located in the south west region of Western Australia.

Quarry Bay Augusta
Quarry Bay in Augusta

What fish can you catch in Augusta?

Depending on the areas you plan to fish will determine the type of fish species you’re likely to catch.  If you’re fishing areas such as the Blackwood River, Ellis St Jetty or Hardy Inlet then species will include the likes of Flathead, Black Bream, Whiting and Skippy.

Augusta Fishing Spots

There are a number of great fishing spots in Augusta.  These include:

Augusta Boat Harbour

The outer wall at the Augusta Boat Harbour provides some great fishing opportunities. With the ability to fish either the inside of the outside of the marina wall, you’ll be able to cast a line no matter the conditions.

When fishing from the boat harbour you’re likely to catch a number of your ocean going bread and butter species, however if luck is on your side you may also come across some of the bigger species such as Pink Snapper and Samson Fish.

Blackwood River

If you plan to do some fishing whilst you’re in Augusta, then Blackwood River is defiantly worth a go!

Due to the size of the river you have the option to fish upstream targeting the more freshwater species such as Bream and Redfin Perch, or if you fish closer to the river mouth you’ll come across more estuary related species such as Whiting, Herring, Flathead and Skippy. Occasionally you get some big Mulloway cruising through too.

Big Black Bream in the Blackwood River (Video by Curtis Waterman Fishing)

Although there are some nice land based fishing spots along Blackwood River, the best fishing to be had is from a small boat or Kayak. Having a boat or Kayak will give you the ability to really explore the river banks whilst letting you get right amongst the snags where some great fish can be found!

Hardy Inlet

Hardy Inlet is another great Augusta fishing spot. Over 20 square kilometres in size, the Hardy Inlet is a massive waterway that is fed by the Blackwood River and Scott River.

Similar to the Blackwood River, depending on the areas you fish you can catch a range of different fish species including Bream, Whiting, Skippy and Flathead.

Flinders Bay

Flinders Bay is the main bay area that is on the south side of Augusta. 

There are a number of areas to fish within Flinders bay.  From the right of the river mouth heading up to Granny’s Pool you’ll find a number of coves and rocky beach areas to fish from.  There is also the Flinders Bay Jetty too.

Fishing along here you’ll likely to catch plenty of Whiting, Herring, Flathead and Skippy.  Heading to the left of the river mouth you have a vast stretch of beach.  Along here you can pick up a range of species such as Herring, Garfish, Flathead, Whiting and Mulloway.  

During the season, Flinders Bay is also great for catching Salmon as they migrate along the coast from the south to the north.  If you’re targeting salmon or even the likes of Mulloway then look for the deep gutters along the beach as this is where they are likely to be.

In addition, it’s also worth trying around the river mouth where the blackwood river flows out into the bay.

Skippy Rock

Skippy Rock is another popular fishing spot in Augusta.  Heading north of Augusta town (approx 3-4kms) you’ll come across a large granite rock headland area that provides a great fishing platform.

Skippy rock is quite flatish rock as such which provides a nice platform to fish from, however you need to be mindful of the conditions.  With light winds and a low swell the rocks are relatively safe to fish from, however in the winter months or high swell it can be dangerous especially if you have young ones with you.  Be mindful of this when fishing from here and if in doubt you can always connect yourself to some of the rock hooks as a safety measure.

From Skippy Rocks you can catch a variety of fish species including Tailor, Herring, Skippy and Salmon during the season.

Where can I launch my boat to go fishing at Augusta?

There are a number of spots you can launch your boat in Augusta with ramps in different locations depending on where you would like to go fishing.

Augusta Boat Harbour Boat Ramp top view

If you’re keen to head out to fish flinders bay then there are some great boat launching facilities at the Augusta Boat Harbour.

Alternatively there are a couple of ramps located within the River and Inlet area.  One of the popular ramps is located near Ellis St Jetty.

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