Ultimate guide to fishing in Albany, Western Australia

Located on the south coast of Western Australia, the scenic coastal town of Albany provides some fantastic fishing.  Whether you want to head out wide and chase some deep southern species, or stick to fishing off the shore there are plenty of options to suit all types of anglers.

Fishing rods and calm waters

What Fish can you catch in Albany?

If you head out deep offshore to the continental shelve, such species as Hapuka, Bigeye trevally and even swordfish can be caught.  Still offshore, though slightly shallower, you’ll find common demersals such as Pink Snapper, Dhufish, Yellowtail King fish, Samson fish, Blue Groper and Nannygai in around the reef systems or what is often known as the coral grounds.

For those fisherman with smaller boats, there are some great onshore fishing options too.  Fishing areas such as the King Gorge Sound and in and around the coast you’ll come across bread and butter species such as King George Whiting, Herring, Skippy and flathead.

Fishing spots in Albany

Albany provides some fantastic fishing options for both land based fisherman and those anglers fortunate to own a boat.  There are a number of locations including offshore, onshore, rocking fishing, jetty fishing or beach fishing.

Some great fishing spots in Albany include:

  1. Salmon Holes
  2. Emu Point
  3. Shelleys Beach
  4. Town Jetty
  5. Ellen Cove Jetty
  6. King George Sound
  7. Kalgan River
  8. Princess Royal Harbour
  9. Taylor Inlet
  10. Nanarup beach
  11. Ocean Beach (Near Denmark)

Salmon Holes

One of best places to fish in Albany, Salmon holes is a popular destination for fisherman visiting the area especially in Salmon Season.

Apart from a well known place for Salmon to pass through whilst migrating north, Salmon Holes also provides so good beach fishing by where you can catch the likes of Herring, Tailor, Garfish, Skippy and Flathead to name a few species.

Video by Sauuisphere

Note if fishing from the rocks at Salmon Holes ensure you take extreme caution as this rocks can be slippery and king waves can sweep up the rocks without notice. The below video provides a good insight into what conditions to expect.

Video by Friends for fishing

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Emu Point

Emu Point is another great spot to consider when fishing at Albany. 

There are a few fishing spots around Emu Point though the spot where most do well is casting out into the channel from the rocks.

From Emu Point you’re likely to catch a number of good species including Herring, Garfish, Whiting, Skippy, Squid and Flathead.  It’s not uncommon for anglers to also pick up the odd Samson Fish here and there.

Video by Peter Hewitson

This is also considered a kid friendly fishing spot or for those that have restricted mobility.

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King George Sound

Harbouring a number of small islands, King George sound is a magnificent bay that surrounds the coastal town of Albany in Western Australia. Stretching over an area of 110 square kms this bay provides some fantastic fishing opportunities.  

Whether your fishing from a kayak or boat there are many areas of the sound to explore where you’ll be able to catch a number of different species ranging from your bread and butter species (great spot for catching King George!) to some bigger species such as Pink Snapper, Tuna, Mulloway, Samson Fish and Shark.

King George Sound is also known to produce a good feed of Squid or Blue Manna crabs.

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Kalgan River

Stretching over 140 kms Kalgan River is another popular fishing spot.  Entering Oyster Harbour this river cuts down through the beautiful countryside of the great southern region.

Further up the river Black Bream are a big hit for anglers fishing Kalgan.  As the river meets the ocean your catch will change from more freshwater species to saltwater species, with the likes of Herring, Whiting, Skippy and Flathead commonly caught near the river mouth.

Video by Great Southern Discovery charters

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Ellen Cove Jetty

The Ellen Cove Jetty is a fantastic fishing spot located at the end of Middleton Beach.  This is a great family friendly fishing spot where you’re likely to catch Herring, Tailor, Skippy, Whiting and Squid.

There are also lights on the jetty at night which can help attract the squid if fishing at night.

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The Town Jetty

Located within the Albany Marina is the Town Jetty. This is a great jetty for casting a line with many anglers often catching bread and butter fish such as Herring, Skippy, Bream and Whiting. It’s also a good location for a spot of Squid fishing.

If you’re fishing with kids in Albany then this is definitely a spot worth checking out.

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Where can you catch squid in Albany?

Squid can be caught all year round both out in King George Sound and in and around the town jetties and harbours.

Where can you catch Salmon in Albany?

The rocky coastline and beaches all along the Albany coast line, though spots like Salmon Holes is a well known spot for producing Salmon during the annual migration. Other spots in Albany to catch Salmon include:

  • Lowlands Beach
  • Shelleys Beach
  • Nanarup Beach
  • Cheynes Beach
  • Cosy Corner Beach

Kayak Fishing in Albany

Albany is considered a fantastic destination for some yak fishing.  With so many rivers, inlets and creeks to explore you’ll be spoilt for choice when kayak fishing in Albany.

Popular kayak fishing locations in Albany include:

  • Kalgan River
  • King River
  • King George Sound
  • Emu Point
  • Cheynes Beach

Albany Fishing Charters

There are also some chartering options for those that are keen to head out deep. Fishing Charters in the area include:

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