3 Bears Track: 4WDing Along The Coast Of Yallingup

The 3 Bears Track is a popular track located in the area of Yallingup, Western Australia (close to Dunsborough and Margaret River).

4WD passing
South parts of the track are wide enough for two 4WDs

Why the name 3 Bears? This track takes you to an awesome surf break know as 3 bears.

Whether you’re into your surfing and want to check out the 3 bears surf break, or you just want to check out the magnificent coast line of Yallingup and Dunsbrough then this is a track that is well worth the visit.

Video of the 3 Bears Track

Check out the below video of a trip along the track by where we entered the track on the south side and travelled north all the way up to Indijup Natural Spa.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the 3 bears track take to complete?

To complete the track you’re looking at approximately 2hrs though best to allow longer so you can stop along the way and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coast line.

Where can I access the track?

Depends on whether you want to start from the north and head south or vice versa, there are two access points to the 3 bears track. If you starting from the North, head to Sugarloaf Road. On your left about 500 metres down the road you’ll find the start of the track. If you want to enter the track from the south you can enter off Hemsley road and then head north.

What is the track like?

It’s relatively easy sandy track though there are a lot of big limestone boulders in parts of the track so definitely take your time and keep and eye out for these as they can do a fair bit of damage to your tyres. As usual, definitely worth dropping your tyre pressures to around 20 PSI or less.Limestone boulder on three bears track

What can you see on the track?

When you’re travelling along the track you’ll come across an awesome surf break called 3 Bears – definitely worth stopping to watch surfers take on this break. Additional to this the coast line offers some spectacular lookouts where you can pull up and enjoy the scenery. Waves breaking at Three Bears

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