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ESDS - Electronic Shark Defense System

ESDS Shark ShieldSharks possess a sense called electroreception that allows them to receive very small electrical signals. ESDS works by emitting a high voltage proprietary signal to deter sharks. It is a small device worn around the ankle that works for hours with just one charge. Our research concluded signal strength alone is not an effective means to deter sharks.  Equally, if not more important, is the signal wave form. After years of development and testing we believe our proprietary signal combined with sufficient strength makes ESDS extremely effective.

Longtime Honolulu surfer Wilson Vinano Jr. says he has come up with a way for surfers and divers to fend off sharks.

He has created the Electronic Shark Defense, which sends out an electric pulse that short-circuits the gel in a shark’s nose.

“What our product does is shock and thus interrupts a shark,” he said.

The device, which measures two inches by two inches and weighs about seven ounces, is designed to be attached to a surfboard leash, but also can be used by divers.

Video of the ESDS

Vinano, 55, said he has film showing that his invention works. He has tested it on 30 to 40 sharks ranging from six to 11 feet in length.

“We would send down a fish with a rope and it would grind the fish,” he said. “Then another one with the device on, they didn’t eat the fish but when we remove the device, they shred it.”

It comes with a built-in battery that lasts nine hours and can be re-charged just like a cell phone.

Vinano, who said he has both a patent and trademark for his device, plans to have the Electronic Shark Defense in local stores later this month, including Town & Country Surf, Surf n Sea, Hanapaa Fishing, Hawaii Skin Diver and in surf shops in California.

Where can I buy an ESDS - Shark Defense System?

There are a number of online retailers that sell ESDS Systems via the internet. To bring up a list list of sites that sell ESDS Systems type "ESDS shark" in the search box below and click the search button;

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