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What is a Cray Pot?

Video of professional Cray fisherman - Kalbarri, Western Australia

For those who like to stay dry, Cray pots are a great way to catch crayfish (Rock Lobster).

Cray pots are portable devices that trap the crayfish after being lured in by bait.  They are designed to have one-way entrances only.   Cray pots come in all different shapes and sizes.  They are constructed from wood, metal or plastic.

Cray pots are usually set from a boat.  Once dropped to the sea floor the Cray pot has an identification buoy (owner’s license number) attached to it so it can be retrieved the next day.

There are tight regulations for catching Crayfish (Rock lobster) so please check with your local fishing authority for season dates and required licenses.

Where can I buy a Cray pot?

Most local fishing tackle shops sell cray pots.

To bring up a list list of sites that sell Cray pots type "Cray pots for sale" in the search box below and click the search button;

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WA Rock Lobster (Crayfish)


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